HEMAP: Online resource for interactive exploration of hematopoietic cancer data

HEMAP is the interactive online resource component of the interactive characterization of molecular phenotypes across cancers of hematopoietic origin. HEMAP is an open sourced web application project designed for interactive exploration of cancer maps, annotations and statistical relationships. Gene expression, drug and pathway analysis, and gene expression normalisation guidelines source codes are available at the info page of the application.

To get familiar with the resource, please consult the user guide.

Hemap resource provides the following analysis views:

HEMAP Cancer map view - shows the different Cancer maps available. Supports zooming and direct viewing of annotations. Selection of samples for custom sample set generation are enabled using mouse drags.

Explore - The Explore interface supports exploration and visualization of all precomputed results, including gene, pathway, drug response and other relevant signatures on maps.

Annotations - Allows for flexible searches across all annotations supporting type ahead and wild card search.

Boxplots - Plotting the expression of selected genes in selected sample groups.

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